Episode 036 : Thoughts on Vegas

October 1st 2017 is yet another day we will remember.  Sadly, it is because of the evil perpetrated on that day.  In this episode I discuss thoughts on the subject, and give a personal account that may allow me to empathize with the victims.


Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music

Warren v. District of Columbia

Episode 035 : Group/Line Dances

Would you dance?  Would you dance if everyone around you were doing the same moves?  These are the questions we must ask ourselves before we step to the left, then step to the right, and join in with the group.


Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music

The Watermelon Crawl - Tracy Byrd

The Macarena

Apache (Jump On It) - Sugar Hill Gang

Men in Black - Will Smith

Gangnam Style - PSY

Soldja Boy

Wobble - V.I.C.

Dinosaur Stomp - Koo Koo Kangaroo


Episode 34.5 : Kangaroos

They’re an invasive menace and travel in mobs, sacrifice body and comfort for their children, can leap over a wall in a single bounce, and they are prize-winning boxers.  They come in numerous types and sizes, are limited to one continent, and yet they flood our media. What are we talking about?... Kangaroos!


Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music

Anglesea Golf course

Video: Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog

Hippety Hopper from Looney Tunes

Rocko's Modern Life


Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport by Rolf Harris

Beatles Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport with Rolf Harris

Captain Kangaroo

Walk-a-bout Way at Busch Gardens Tampa

Episode : Bonus 3 : Birth of the Dragon

Join us for a review of the movie Birth of the Dragon. We discuss the film that showcases the hard-hitting, nunchucks-throwing, and big-hearted Bruce Lee as he seeks to introduce the world to Kung Fu. We hope you enjoy our commentary ...and invite you to chuckle as you hear one of our hosts mispronounce several martial art styles and actors' names.


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Episode 033 : Death Note

In this episode we discuss whether or not watching the Netflix movie adaptation will ruin the amazing story of Death Note in our eyes.


Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music

"My Friend's Over You" - New Found Glory

Episode : Bonus 2 : Beyond

We thought we would enjoy watching a nice movie at home.  "I heard Star Trek : Beyond was good", I said.  I was wrong.  Join us as we discuss one of my least favorite movies of all time.


Thanks to Mark for the Intro/Outro Music

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