Episode 95.5 : Pop Re-released

Seaworld Orlando : Pop - It's a bubble show, and we talk about it.


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Episode 095 : But I Need It

Join us as we discuss the impassioned plea of a young girl for her mother to buy a plush Shamu.


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Cast Away - Tom Hanks

Blue Horizons

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Episode 093 : Is Joyful Work, Really Work?

The workplace environment can either make work more enjoyable or it can break down even the best of talent and make them want to leave... or 'burn down the building'. Join us while we discuss some tips for improving employee morale.


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Whistle While You Work - Disney's Snow White

The Office

Office Space

The Simpsons

Florida SuperCon 2018

MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 

Episode 091 : Hotel Amenities

What amenities do you expect hotels to provide? Have you ever experienced a one-of-a-kind amenity? We ask the "Man on the Street" and list some of the most exclusive and unique experiences hotels can offer.


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The Shining

The Bates Motel - Psycho

Jim Gaffigan

The Hangover

Rules of Engagement


ABC's TGIF Lineup

The Middle

Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Hotel President Wilson

Mark Hotel

Episode 90.5.5 : Superpowers Re-released

Superman has a litany of abilities.  Why then, does he not use all of the tools at his disposal to resolve conflicts?  I posit an answer in this episode and propose a new use for superpowers.  We add MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 to our "Man on the Street" for this re-released episode.


Thanks to Mark for the Intro and Outro Music

MegaCon Orlando 2017

MegaCon TampaBay 2018